10. “Antenna” – “Antenna” was just kind of a real simple, built around this almost hummed kind of sample. I was listening to DOOM and the way that his drums and bass kind of hit – that was a big influence on this track. Especially on the drums, anyway. I wanted to get that very straightforward but also quite swung kind of bass-and-drums thing going. This was also one of the first I did as well. But yeah, I was trying to go for that kind of sound. And layering up loads of flutes – me and Mike Lesirge, my woodwinds guy, we layered up like 6 kinds of flutes.

11. “Ten Tigers” – This is very much, sample chopping. It sounds like a typewriter, but its actually – I don’t know what it was, this was a part of the Foley recordings, as were all of the drums on this. All the kinds of snares and hits on this, and layers and various bits of foley. And this is one of these tracks I’ve got with a sort of micro sound woven in there, loops where everything is like one second or half a second samples and trying to use two or three key sounds and just move them around. I think with sampling as well and music making in general, its just kind of trying to see how a sound can change when you throw a different note against it – to be with a kind of bass and other samplings. Or to harmonize something and take it in a completely different direction. So I guess its these 3 or 4 sounds kind of bouncing off each other, and dragging each other against these different directions.

12. “Transits” f/ Szjerdene – Another one with Szjerdene, wanting to do something with an actual original vocal, but still approaching it in the same way as the other ones with the samples, the acapella stuff; the same kind of ethereal feel. I actually played her the track after this but she didn’t relate to that one as much, she was more inspired by this one. This was the first track she did, the first one I sent her, and she hadn’t written anything in a little while, and she came back with such a huge amount of lyrics for this track and so many ideas that we had to narrow it down to one or two. We kinda went back and said, let’s focus on this one idea, and bring it back to something more minimal – and this works out very nicely. It’s almost half of what she originally came up with. There’s so many dynamics in this track – there’s also this side chain going on and the backing vocals. She said she hadn’t really done much in terms of backing vocals, but she absolutely killed it on this. We just kind of went in and did 5 layers of these, and they sounded incredible – just sat there listening to them for 3 hours straight. It was just a real pleasure to record this. We did this one in London.

“Pieces” – Yeah this was an instrumental for a long time, I had approached a couple of people with this. Last time we played the live show was in Australia was in March 2012, we had a version of this tune, it was when Andreya Triana was still touring with us – and she had a version of this that was very out there, a very psychedelic thing she was doing with it. I tried a couple of people with it, and it just didn’t fit right. I knew Cornelia from her work with the Portico Quartet, who are friends of mine from London. And I saw them doing this show, and I saw Cornelia, and her presence was just mind-blowing. It was a very last-minute thing, this was sort of the last piece of the whole album, the last piece of the puzzle, really. This was done remotely, over a very short period of time. She didn’t think she could work in that way, but we were on the phone a lot, talking about stuff, and she just had this demo idea, that was just perfect. So this was the end of the album, and also the last idea I had for this album as well.

OKF: So now the album is out, you’re taking it on the road–of whom is the touring company comprised?

Me, Szjerdene, we have a drummer, Mike Lesirge–he’s the woodwind/keys player–and a guitarist. For a few shows in the bigger towns we’re going to have a string section and a horn section. So it’s a fully live show, and we’re going to start rehearsing this week (the tour kicked off at New York’s Webster Hall Friday -ed.). They’re all coming in from London for a few days, and then we start in DC and we pretty much roll through for the whole year. A month in the US, a month in Europe, and then the festivals. But the San Francisco show, Erykah is going to join us, she’s actually going to open with a DJ set, DJ Lowdown Loretta Brown. But also Zigaboo is going to come down, so that San Francisco show is going to be nuts, with Erykah and Zigaboo and the whole crew.

Bonobo North American Tour Dates

APR 16 Telus Theater, Montreal, Canada

APR 17 Barrymores Music Hall, Ottawa, Canada

APR 18 Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada

APR 19 Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac, United States

APR 20 House Of Blues, Chicago, United States

APR 21 Majestic Theatre, Madison, United States

APR 24 Granada Theater, Lawrence, United States

APR 25 Fox Theatre – Boulder, Boulder, United States

APR 26 Ogden Theatre, Denver, United States

APR 27 Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, United States

APR 30 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada

MAY 1 Showbox at the Market, Seattle, United States

MAY 2 Crystal Ballroom, Portland, United States

MAY 3 The Warfield, San Francisco, United States

MAY 4 The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, United States

MAY 5 Ell Ray Theatre, Los Angeles, United States

MAY 6 Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, United States

MAY 9 Emo’s East, Austin, United States

MAY 10 House Of Blues, Dallas, United States

MAY 11 Tipitina’s, New Orleans, United States



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