Pascaal Hunna Video Premiere

Premiering on Okayfuture today is the new video for “Hunna” by Pascäal, the solo project of Austin-based designer and musician Peter Wiley. Since his first release on NL label Vresh in 2012, the producer has continued to shift his approach on writing music — from hazy house rhythms to staccato garage swing and beyond — though his perspective maintains a finely-tuned focus on atmosphere, feeling and craft.

The “Hunna” video was directed by Jeremy Daly of Ghostly International, who gives us this insight:

A man awakes in a hotel with a fresh wound. Making his way back to a loved one, he finds that a strange change has taken root in what he once took for granted. Maybe born from a half remembered childhood nightmare or maybe the question: What is Hunna?

All praise goes to the performers Sadie and Tristan, as well as Victor and all those who lent technical help and of course The Ant for letting us use some of his home videos in the edit.

Ghostly just announced that Pascäal’s track “Holo” will open the new Ghostly Swim 2 compilation, which will be our first glimpse at new material from him since 2013’s Fragile.  In 2015, Pascäal will be launching a new label, Ways Inner Pass — co-founded with Cory Levinson (Kohwi) and Matt Gilles (Dreampeter). The first release on Ways Inner Pass will be a cassette, written by Gilles and Wiley as Dreampeter, and is slated for release just after the new year.

Watch Pascaal’s video for “Hunna” here, and grab the Ghostly Swim 2 compilation here, when it arrives on December 23.


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