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If the car beside you moves ahead/As much as it feels as though you’re dead/You’re not going backwards

Posted somewhat cryptically with the lyrics above, 2 hours ago on his Instagram James Blake dropped a new song and video titled If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead where he literally sounds like he’s f**king with the time/space continuum. The abstract video by Alexander Brown includes only fleeting glimpses of James driving a classic RX-7 with visual time delays effects that replicate a scratched dvd and also happen to match the choppy, futuristic production of the track, which is unlike anything we’ve really heard before.

This feels like a Jodorowsky moment. Where one person makes a giant artistic leap and it inevitable leaves a ripple effect around him. (Meaning, we think that you’ll hear other people trying similar experimentation soon). As a side note, it’s interesting to not that the video aesthetics match the lighting and visual design of James Blake’s live shows as well. Nice continuity.