Last month, we introduced you to Anushka, the newly signed Brighton-based duo signed to Brownswood Recordings (the label offspring of Gilles Peterson), and the eponymous track of their new EP “Yes Guess.”  The self-proclaimed presenters of “Vocal Bass Music From The Future” have followed up the release with an the official video for “Yes Guess,” which you can check out below.

Both the audio and visual of “Yes Guess” form the build up to the literal main event for racecar driver Sarah Cooper.  Victoria Port‘s vocals start with “I’ve got the world in my rearview / I’m not turning back.”  Her vocals then recite Sarah’s race day mantra:  “You can’t take my strength away / I’m pushing for it.” Sarah, the heroine, is pushing for the big win with all eyes on her.  Yet, she remains steady like the thumping heartbeat of her soundtrack.  Three minutes in, after Sarah watches other cars crash and burn from the sidelines, fireworks glitter the sky announcing that it’s now her time.  As she zooms across the racetrack, the song echoes her vroom.

Be careful.  Watching this video may encourage you to jump into your coupe and risk a speeding ticket with “Yes Guess” blasting through the sunroof.

The Yes Guess EP is available now on iTunes.  Anushka is set to play Boiler Room London next Monday, April 29th.  Details here:


This post was a collaboration between Okayfuture contributors Alex Matás & Lily Vanilli.