If the drum and bass culture of the 90’s sent frequencies into space of enough magnitude to create an entire comet, and if that comet has finally fallen back to Earth, it has come to us in the form of Special Request‘s new LP, Soul Music. With the brilliant light of a celestial body blazing it’s way into the atmosphere, this album runs on the essence of 90’s UK pirate radio culture.

The most innovative, homegrown break-beat sound at that time was coming from basements and bedroom studios, and being dubiously broadcast from rooftops — the electronic equivalent for US’ 90’s garage bands.  The only stations to broadcast it to the world were bonafide DIY radio towers, built by means akin to that of graff writers. If you planned to hear it any other way, you had better be privy to elusive underground parties. Somehow, through all the wind and ice, the fire in drum and bass has continued to burn, and a few artists like Special Request are fanning it with pure oxygen. Special Request, the moniker, is respected UK tech/house producer Paul Woolford, and from start-to-finish, this album delivers hard-hitting, no-frills drum and bass. Crafted almost entirely on vintage production devices, this LP dutifully conjures what it was like to be a bass head in the early 180-bpm days.

The first half of Soul Music features elaborate echoing  warehouse beats and synths driving and bouncing over basslines that could blow speakers if you’re not careful. It’s probably best to just thank the dnb gods that this 2013 long play release has too many bangers to even dare listing.  Let’s just say there’s “something for everyone” in here. And the threading is seamless.

The digital and CD release features a variety of remixes and tracks from the over past year, making up the second half of the LP. Anthony Naples, Warehouse, Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup, Anthony ShakirLee Gamble, Hieroglyphic Being

Special Request’s bonus remix of Lana Del Ray‘s Rick Rubin-produced track “Ride” is particularly sexy.  Woolford also somehow manages to turn up Tessela‘s “Hackney Parrot” a few notches further.

Listen below and purchase Soul Music now over on the mighty Houndstooth label.

Special Request for president.

SOUL MUSIC  (Full-Length LP):

01. Special Request – Forbidden
02. Special Request – Undead
03. Special Request – Cold Blooded
04. Special Request – Body Armour
05. Special Request – Lockjaw
06. Special Request – Ride VIP
07. Special Request – Soundboy Killer
08. Special Request – Broken Dreams
09. Special Request – Black Ops
10. Special Request – Capsules
11. Special Request – Deranged
12. Special Request – Descent

01. Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP)
02. Lana Del Rey – Ride (Special Request Remix)
03. Special Request – Mindwash
04. Special Request – Alone
05. Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Naples Aftermath Remix)
06. Special Request – Lolita (Warehouse Mix)
07. Special Request – Vapour
08. Special Request – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
09. Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Shakir Remix)
10. Special Request – Capsules (Lee Gamble Full Length Remix)
11. Special Request – Deflowered (Hieroglyphic Being Remix)


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