Penthouse Penthouse's Silky Smooth Track "Last Stop" from Besides EP

Penthouse Penthouse is at it again with a dreamy, smooth dialogue between a man and his woman for the night. “Last Stop,” featuring Jonathan Stein on bass is from the duo’s recent Besides EP. The track begins with a dreamy mallet, while the lyrics set the tone of the song:

“ Last Stop at the bar
Carry you to my car
don’t know who you are
Grabbing you by the hips
Leading you to the whip
I’m just trying to dip “

“Last Stop” (or more fittingly, last call) has a minor pause before it introduces other elements such as a nasty guitar rift that carries the track throughout, providing a solid spine for the rest of the complimentary instruments to bounce off of.

Stream “Last Stop” here and grab the four-track Besides EP on Penthouse Penthouse’s Bandcamp page.