Anita Bae-ker "Rapture" (King Most Redirection)

San Francisco DJ/producer King Most has cooked up a new batch of “redirections,” his signature series of clever reworks of classic and popular tunes, and today he’s serving up the first tasty morsel: “Rapture,” a future soul/nu-disco transformation of Anita Baker’s Quiet Storm classic.

Depending on which fork of the nostalgia road I feel like wandering down, the original either conjures memories of late nights listening to Majic 102 and dreaming of candle-lit rooms and satin sheets, or college days studying the darker ramblings of that one short dude from Carson.

King Most’s take sends the track on a different course, though, with a slow head-nodding beat, lush keyboard additions, subtle percussive panning, and ethereal whisps of Anita’s silky serenade rearranged to give the tune a whole new life.

You can check out and download Anita Bae-ker “Rapture” King Most Redirection here.

Most has got four more redirections forthcoming from this series, and they’re all fire, so stay tuned.