I Feel Good

Brighton-native and self-proclaimed “head honcho” at Shimmy Records, the UK-artist known as El. Train is doing his best to funk up your day.

His latest work is a remix of James Brown’s classic I Feel Good, and it is an undeniable head-bobber.

Upon pressing play, we hear James Brown faintly singing “you… I got you” over a simple, snare-heavy instrumental. When the kick enters, it instantly turns this remix into a fun, free-flowing groove. When you’ve got James Brown on vocals, the music seldom fails. As El. Train alludes to in the description of this song:

So my dad (Mr. I know everything about music) said I should be playing a 10 minute James Brown track as an intro to all my sets. This one’s not quite 10 minutes but it is the legend himself or my interpretation of him. …

We couldn’t agree more with his dad’s opinion. Check out the song below: