dd elle - tell me Ryan Hemsworth

Curated and run by Ryan Hemsworth, @Shhsecretsongs is a Soundcloud account you may want to follow.  Bi-weekly, Secret Songs is a project that releases a new, free-to-download song by a random artist discovered by Hemsworth.  (Priding itself on no label involvement, no blog premieres and no A&R.) So far, there have been 10 songs, but the latest song they’ve promoted by dd elle is absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking.

Tell Me” begins as a very minimal song in terms of instruments and vocals, playing like an old 80’s hit with synths rising and falling over a slow-paced quiet drum beat. The vocals flow evocatively with poignant lyrics and a blue feeling that changes toward the end of the track as the drums quicken.

Stream dd elle’s “Tell Me” and grab the free download.