Cosmo Baker + Grand Theft

NYC’s party-rock don Cosmo Baker and Toronto-based DJ/Producer Grandtheft recently decided to pull together their creative talents to come up with a banging new house track called “Find a Way.”

They based their track on Jeanette “Lady” Day’s disco classic “Come Let Me Love You” (whose drum break on the instrumental fuels the greatness of Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies”). Using stems provided by Montreal-based record label Unidisc, Cosmo and Grandtheft flipped the sexy disco groove into a pounding 4×4 beat with samples of Day and her backup singers’ vocals looped up throughout.

Cosmo and Grandtheft’s creation gets its name from Day’s opening verse: “I’ve got to find a way / everyday / give you more / of my love,” which they isolate early in the track before dropping into a wicked piano loop culled from the original’s opening piano line. Compare the two tracks and you’ll see how creatively they’ve utilized the stems to make a whole new composition.

Listen to Cosmo Baker and Grandtheft’s “Find a Way” here, or cop it now directly from Beatport.