Top 5 Serato Announcements From NAMM

Serato just announced some HUGE steps in their bid to dominate DJ booths worldwide at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California.  Yesterday, the innovative New Zealand company revealed a total of 11 new software packages, compatibility updates and product announcements for the hungry electronic music market.

Just the number of announcements coming from Serato in one day is an impressive offering, and there are lots of technical details to digest with each new products so we have compiled a quick overview of our Top 5 updates below:

Serato DJ Club Kit
1. Serato DJ Club Kit

One word: game changer.  With the Serato DJ Club Kit, customers can use Serato DJ software with compatible mixers, but without the need for an external sound card or interface. Priced at $169 for the Serato DJ and DVS Expansion Pack licenses, users will receive the company’s newest software platform and find it supported on the most ubiquitous mixers from top tier manufacturers, Pioneer and Allen & Heath.

No more rat nest of wires. No more embarrassing audio drop outs when switching DJs.  Just plug-and-play ease from start to finish.

Serato Pioneer Update

2. Pioneer DJM-900NXS & DJM-850 with Serato DJ

Through the purchase and install of the aforementioned, Serato DJ Club Kit, Serato users can now connect right into two of the world’s most popular mixers: the Pioneer DJM-850 and DJM-900NXS. Here’s where we clue you in to a lesser known and dirty, little secret: this update from Serato is a feature that Traktor users have enjoyed for a few years.  Personally, I don’t care that Serato is late to the party, I’m just glad they showed up and brought a gift!


3. Rane TTM57-MKII

The most classic and successful Serato mixer gets an modern face lift without losing its classic beauty. Last year, when Serato DJ was first announced, it included plans to migrate all three of their digital vinyl software at the time to one new platform. This was a much needed move to streamline what had become a confusing software product line (Scratch, Itch, DJ and Intro) but in the process, would also leave behind the Rane SL1 box and TTM57SL mixer, making them incompatible with the new software. Nothing will stop those two pieces from soon becoming expensive paper weights, but for users who loved the original, the new TTM57-MKII is a return to form for the company, and an strategic appeal to their most loyal customer base.

Serato Allen & Heath update

4. Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 and DB2 with Serato DJ

Like the Pioneer compatibility update, DJs who prefer the Allen & Heath DB2 & DB4 mixers will now have native, digital vinyl support without the need of an interface.  While not the most popular mixers on the market, the DB2 & DB4 represent the highest tier of quality, and boast an impressive amount of features that dwarf the Pioneer competitors by comparison.  This is an important step for Serato as they expand their vision and try to capture new customers who have already invested in manufacturers (both expensive and affordable) not previously associated with their product. Which, on a similar note, brings us to our final important announcement…


5. Denon DS1

At $299, the Denon DS1 is now the most affordable (and smallest) Serato box on the market at the same price-point of it’s main competitor, Native Instruments’ Traktor Scratch A6.  This is a big win for customers as the original Rane Serato boxes have always been the market’s most expensive digital vinyl interface ($499 – $899), significantly lowering the barrier of entry for new users.  Denon may not be the biggest name in the digital DJ game, but customers can buy with confidence as the company has always adhered to a high standard of quality and manufacturing in their products. Although the Denon DS1 will only support the new Serato DJ software, this unit is sure to find its way into a lot of new hands, giving both companies a stronger foothold in DJ booths around the world.


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