Exclusive Photos: Ultra Music Festival Miami, 15yr Anniversary

Words by Paloma Hsu | Photos by Kevin Ornelas

Every year the true electronic music fanatic dreams of one thing and one thing only, ULTRA. For years this once small festival has become the Mecca of all those who devote themselves to electronic dance music. This year proved to be no different, and the 15th year anniversary set expectations so high. I spent weeks fantasizing about all that would be, in my mind I could already vividly see what was to come and could feel the music coursing through my veins.

ULTRA disnt disappoint when it came to the visuals, the sounds, the mechanical contraptions which seemed to be the creation of some mad scientist or extraterrestrial. Everything was thought out thoroughly, placement of various stages and various amenities was flawless. However as good as this year was, there seemed something terribly lacking in the energy. Perhaps it is the enormity of “scene” and popularity of the parties which has skyrocketed in the last year alone. Perhaps the expectation of the 15th anniversary being unbelievably epic set the bar far too high. No matter, something intangible was missing. The true ravers spirit seemed missing or perhaps cheapened. This was no longer a haven that was idealized by so many true hardcore fans. The true essence and creativity among the fans seemed lacking. Furthermore it was so densely packed which only made things increasingly chaotic.

At the end of the day I had an amazing time and without question will go back next year. I’m really hoping the true raver essence will be re-infused instead of what seemed like a commercialized takeover of the true ULTRA spirit.


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