Coachella Photos 2013 by Jason Goldwatch & 13th Witness

Friends of the okayfuture, film maker and photographers Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness brought their “Watch & Witness” photo project to Coachella for the second weekend to intimately capture the phenomena that is the West Coast’s largest music festival. Check out these Coachella Photos 2013 by Jason Goldwatch & 13th Witness.

The final day of our short time with these strange and wonderful desert people. We were treated with such warmth. We spent good times with various tribes within the larger gathering. On one side there were laughing children dancing with their elders celebrating together in the laser illuminated dust. On the other, almost nude women adorned in beads and feathers feeding watermelon to their men with bare hands in the hot sun. It’s certainly a place of magic and wonderment. – Jason Goldwatch

These pictures come courtesy of Mass Appeal. See all three posts for more photos and words from Watch & Witness.