DJ Shadow Preemptive Strike Q-Bert Megamix

Hey, it’s Dantana, Founder of Okayfuture.  I wanted to tell my personal story of two mixes that informed me about aspects of the art of DJing and creating mixes that I encountered on my journey of being all about that music life.   These mixes are not classified as electronic, but since it is my site I wanted to share them because they inspired me a long time ago… and because it’s Throwback Thursday… ya bish.

DJ Q-Bert‘s “Camel Bobsled Race” megamix came bundled as the bonus disk to the North American release of DJ Shadow‘s Preemptive Strike LP.  The 24 minute continuous mix features all DJ Shadow music.  For me, Q-Bert’s “Camel Bobsled Race” megamix is one of those pieces of music that immediately transports to a time and place. We all have (and cherish) these types of memories, and that is one of the great things about music (and being human).

The year was 1997 and I was living in Burlington, Vermont. It was winter and snowboarding was much less popular than skiing, because it was still brand new. Okay, I admit, I wore hemp and had nappy white boy dreads at the time as well, haha.  The jewel case for Preemptive Strike was one of those thick double CD clunkers with two trays.  I remember that I had heard the megamix at a friends house which prompted me to go out and buy it. At the time I had just discovered the Invisibl Skratch Piklz but had yet to get into DJ Shadow. I cracked open the shrink wrap and went right to Disc 2. Of course, not too long later, I also became a fan of Shadow and Preemptive Strike is an incredible album.

In the late 90s, mixtapes were certainly more rare (and recorded live) than they are today. Like any music fan, you would seek them out and collect them, mostly on cassette. A few years later I would fall in love with another continuous mix involving DJ Shadow. This time it was Shadow and Cut Chemist teaming up for the legendary 1999 release, Brainfreeze, which would end up being the first of three released mixes from this duo (so far).

The Brainfreeze mix was recorded in one-take using only original pressings of funk and soul 45’s. Only 2,000 copies were ever made (officially) with the first 1,000 being sold at shows and the second 1,000 distributed to local records stores in California only. I was lucky to be in San Francisco at the time where I picked up a now #veryrare official copy of the CD at Amoeba Records. Amazingly, a cease-and-desist letter was issued not from the copyright holders of the music featured on the mix , but from convenient store chain 7-11! DJ Shadow is wearing a 7-11 staff shirt and the styling of the SLURP logo on the CD and cover was also copyright 7-11. That story ended up creating more buzz for the mix and it got spread further via trading of bootlegs.  You will have to Google harder to find the DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Brainfreeze RAR download.

Listen to both mixes below and  get blown back to the okayfuture!

DJ Shadow: Q-Bert Mix (Camel Bobsled Race)
LABEL: Mo’ Wax

Tracklisting: 1. “Napalm Brain”
2. “Midnight in a Perfect World”
3. “Organ Donor”
4. “Hardcore”
5. “Bonus Beat”
6. “In Flux”
7. “Number Song”
8. “DJ Krush – Meiso (Shadow Remix)”

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist: Brainfreeze
LABEL: Sixty 7 Recordings ‎– none

DJ Shadow Cut Chemist Brainfreeze


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