Yeezus Best Buy

I’m not embarrassed to admit it took me over two minutes to figure out how to remove cellophane from a CD. It’s been a while.

I’ve just returned from Best Buy, where it also took me several minutes to find the CDs.  Apparently, they house them under the “Movies” sign toward the back of the store now.  Once I finally found Kanye West‘s Yeezus album, I frantically tried to decipher the white liner notes written on the back of the clear CD case.

It wasn’t until I reached the bottom that I found “FOR FULL ALBUM CREDITS, GO TO WWW.KANYEWEST.COM.

Yeezus Credits

Yeah I stole it… and then I bought it. My nostalgic delight was compounded tenfold when I learned that I had used the last of my decade-old Best Buy gift cards to support some of the most talented underground DJ/producers in electronic music.  The rumors led me to falsely seek out Sonny Moore.  His name did not appear.  However, I did find my favorite French duo; and I don’t mean Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter (see credits for “On Sight,” “Black Skinhead,” “I Am A God,” featuring God, and “Send It Up“).

Kanye let the godfathers conduct, while the heirs proved that they are helping teach America how to dance.

Black Skinheadand “Send It Upalso feature additional production by Gesaffelstein and Brodinski.  Matching the name to the beat, you can hear softened adaptations of the thudding bass-lines and militant synths Bromance is known for.  Alongside Daft Punk, famed British DJ Benji B also did additional production for “On Sight.”

Blood On The Leaves” has Hudson Mohawke and Lunice a/k/a TNGHT adjacent Kanye in the Producer credits.  I would like Kanye to explain why they sampled Nina and not Billie.  Did Nina’s alto-tenor range fit better with the key of the song?  Maybe Billie’s one octave didn’t pitch up right.  I’m happy TNGHT will be getting royalty checks instead of a clearance fee.  Once the beat drops, their transposing melodies sound grand, but not too grand for Kanye’s supposed “minimalist” album.

I can only postulate that HudMo’s reverberating drums earned him a co-production credit on “I Am A Godand programming credit on “New Slaves,” but then again he’s credited as a Production Consultant for the entire album alongside 22-year old producer Arca.  Arca has credits on half the album, including “I’m In It” and “Blood On The Leaves.”

So you see, it is true…  Yeezus serves as the messiah; a gateway to salvation for people who normally attend nightclubs where the majority of the music is Top 40.  I’m not sure if I can agree with Kanye’s thinking that rapping over dance music is innovative.  (We’ve had jungle for almost 20 years now.)  But, his rasta chant samples, acid house synths, Ratatat guitars, stuttering, nylon bass-lines and trapped out features (i.e., Travi$ Scott on “I Am A God” and “New Slaves” and Chief Keef on “Hold My Liquor“), as well as ghetto gothic-esque production, are all reasons why Yeezus is forward thinking, sounding and feeling.  Kanye West keeps his promise:  his platform is our platform.  And now, everyone can rap alongside Kanye while wylin’ out to proper electronic beats.

Now that I’ve loaded the CD into my iTunes, which has also wirelessly uploaded the songs to my phone… What the hell am I suppose to do with this CD?

Kanye West’s Tour Dates TBA.  The morale of this post was sporadically boosted by fellow Okayfuture contributor Jason Scott Henderson, whose favorite Yeezus tracks are “I Am A God,” “Guilt Trip,” “Blood On The Leaves” and “Bound 2.”


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