Uniiqu3 Interview SXSW

We caught up with the Jersey club “kween,” the one and only UNiiQU3, as she jumped from city to city on her Too Lit To Quit Tour alongside Cakes Da Killa.  In the interview below, she talks about touring, travel must-haves, her past and future SXSW adventures (including her Okayfuture x Serato showcase!), her perfect day, upcoming releases and more!

Listen to some of UNiiQU3’s tunes here, like her new remix of London grime MC Skepta‘s “That’s Not Me” featuring JME, as you read about this most-talented artist on the rise.

Which city are you most excited to visit on your Too Lit To Quit Tour?

++I’m really excited about Chicago.

What are some things you can’t live without while on the road?

++ OMG ! I cannot live without water. I usually have a huge water bottle with me. My laptop, headphones, my phone, shea butter and glitter.

You’re touring with Cakes Da Killa – do you have any pre-show or post-show rituals?

++Hmm maybe getting our sip on but that’s about it lol.

uniiqu3 cakes da killa

Any funny tour stories yet?

++There’s honestly too much but I would have to say the convo we had about birds and trade.

We can’t wait for your SXSW performance at the Okayfuture x Serato Showcase. What can the audience expect from your stage show this year?

++Awe man.. I honestly think SXSW is going to be a big carry in a good way. Expect glitter, Next level music and just be ready to turn up.

okayfuture serato sxsw austin

Tell us about your experience with SXSW in the past versus 2015.

++ I’ve only been to SXSW once before. It was in 2013. It was definitely an experience. It was my first time traveling out New Jersey by myself but I just knew I had to do something to put myself in a better position career wise. I booked my own ticket and hotel which was super sketch and so far from Austin. I was over it.. I got stranded in the city and had to sleep on a homies couch and my best friend had to wire me money. I only did two showcases, but it was so worth it because aside from benefiting me musically I saw much I really wanted it. So happy I won’t have to go through that this year though.

Who are some artists you’re excited to see perform in Austin this year?

Hmmm. That’s kinda hard. It’s a lot of dope people performing this year. I think I’m going to be lingering everywhere.

How would you describe your evolution as an artist; what have you learned about yourself along the way?

I’ve learned so much. I’ve become really independent, I’ve become more creative and my work ethic is much stronger. Aside from me being really impatient I don’t like waiting on other people to get shit done if I know I’m capable of doing it myself. I also realized I can be a bit to hard on myself which I’m trying not to do as much.

What person, living or dead, would you most want to have dinner with?

++ Its a tie between Nicki Minaj and Maya Angelou

nicki minaj    Maya Angelou

Describe your perfect day?

++ Waking up to a bomb egg and avocado breakfast with tea, going on an adventure with my sister, then ending it with doing hoodrat shit with my friends

Artists to watch right now:

Me lol … DUH :p

Do you have any upcoming releases or projects to look out for in 2015?

++ Yes I do. I have a single I’ll be releasing soon and lot of content to follow after that, along with visuals. I’m so excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on. I’ve grown a lot as an artist over the years. I believe it’s my time, so expect the unexpected.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

++ I see myself having next level music performing all around the world still. With a bomb ass live show, just on a bigger scale. Maybe I’ll win a Grammy, who knows.. As long as I can keep doing what I love and supporting my family I’m Gucci… Dream big but go with the flow..


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