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Resident Advisor Presents Real Scenes: New York, the latest in their mini documentary series highlighting the most influential electronic music hubs on Earth which so far has included Bristol UK, Detroit, Berlin, Paris, and Johannesburg. With the resurgence of electronic music in the States, as well as the launch this months New York edition of the Red Bull Music Academy, the time was right to examine the past and present days of dance music in NYC.

Dance music has always been a prominent thriving entity that a lot of New Yorkers live and breathe, beginning with days of disco. In it’s glory days, a slew of legendary nightclubs where the lifeline of New York City night life including Limelight, Twilo, and Paradise Garage, to name a few. But with the rise to prominence of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, the city that once served as the epicenter of all things new, cool, and edgy, become polished up and with all that shininess came higher cost of living and the dispersion of the arts and creative centers.

Nonetheless, undergrounds never die, and the New York art and music scene has remained strong throughout the adversity. Out of necessity, much of it shifted across the river to Brooklyn, where lofts and raw warehouse spaces are more abundant (and discreet).

As a company based in Brooklyn, we are more than aware of the gentrification and explosions of luxury buildings here. The dance music scene is the strongest we’ve seen it since the mid 90s. The documentary is told through a few essential artists that have grown through that change such as Nick Hook, Falty DL, Braille, Archie Pelago, Tim Sweeney, Ron Morelli of L.I.E.S., Mister Saturday Night crew, Francis Englehardt who owns Dope Jams Record Store, Taimur Agha of Blkmarket Membership, and Shawn Schwartz of Output. Stream the video and get the sound track list in order of appearance below.

Music in order of appearance:
Steve Moore – Frigia [L.I.E.S.] 2011
Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight [L.I.E.S.] 2011
Sepalcure – Carrot Man [Hotflush Recordings] 2011
Alex Burkat – Shower Scene [Mister Saturday Night Records] 2013
Alex Burkat – Ammadomyownthing [Mister Saturday Night Records] 2013
Archie Pelago (live recording) 2013
Falty DL – For Karme [Ninja Tune] 2013
Sepalcure – Outside [Hotflush Recordings] 2011
Paradis – Je M’Ennuie [Beats In Space Records] 2012
DJ Romain – All Day, All Night [Romatt Music / King Grooves] 1996 & 2010
Braille – A Meaning [Hotflush Recordings] 2011

Producer and Director – Patrick Nation
Associate Producer – Jordan Rothlein
Editor – Sim Higginson
Executive Producers – Paul Clement, Ryan Keeling, Nick Sabine, Ed Williams
Camera: Dan Higginson, Sim Higginson, Patrick Nation, George Nevin (
Production Manager – Lisa Telfer Brunton
Film Production – Clockwise Media


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