starro, relapse, okayfuture, dj eko

It’s been since Fall that we’ve heard new music from LA, by way of Japan, producer Starro. That’s because he’s been busy working on a upcoming project releasing early Spring.  Starro plucked LA talent, One-T for vocal collab on this first track, “Relapse” off an forthcoming project that we hear is all-original work [vs all the dope remixes he’s garnered  40k followers for on Soundcloud]. This Seinfeld-synth-laced track starts off half-time and doubles up for a surprise 4-on-the-floor surprise of Garage-Funk-R&B, inspiring some footwork and lands softly again on the slow tip. You can find the track on Soundcloud for streaming and here on Bandcamp.

Starro is currently on a mini-tour through California starting at the end of this week with a show at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles