Exclusive Interview: Singularis Puts In Werk

Photo by Joao Costa

Here at Okayfuture we have nothing but love for nineteen-year-old producer Singularis. The Dutch producer released his three-track white label EP (number 12) a few months ago on the Soulection label out of Los Angeles, California.

We caught up with Frank last week during his two-day visit to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam, where he was participating in a monthly Dutch producer series called Werk Space.  FYI, the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam is a state-of-the-art recording and production facility where renowned artists such as Jessie Ware, Mr. Probz and Henrik Schwarz are provided with everything they need in order to celebrate and create music!

I remember Singularis had just laid down some synths. When he cried out: “It feels like heaven is coming down on me, working in an environment like this.”  That moment, it hit me. On the very first day of the project, it was already a great success.

Singularis & Sndwvs at RBSA


For those who may not know you, could you you introduce yourself and let us know the story behind your artist name?

I’m a 19 year old Dutch beatmaker who goes by the name of Singularis. Currently I reside in a small town called Gorinchem, which is an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

Now when I signed my first license agreement with Cold Busted in 2011, I had to come up with a decent name. I really wanted a name that nobody else had, so I went on the Internet and figured out what the Latin translation for the word ”unique” was. That’s when I first saw the name Singularis and I’ve never regretted it till this day. 

Can you tell us about your earliest memories of music? And when did you first start making music yourself? 

I’ve always loved music since I was a young kid; started playing the piano at the age of 5 and was constantly trying to remake songs and create new melodies. Oh and I made my first Fruity Loops beat in 2009. 

Which music style or genre do you feel most connected to? Can you name some musicians/producers that have influenced you greatly? 

I think Hiphop is my true home when it comes to genres. The artists I listened to when I started developing my own taste, were people like Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Kanye West and Timbaland to name a few. As I jumped into this music thing I wanted to know more and more about the music I made and started listening to music from J Dilla, A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, but also to other genres like Funk, Jazz, Soul, R&B and Electronic-based genres.

When you’re not making music, what are the things you like to do most?

Smoke weed, eat good food, have a good time with my friends and family. Sometimes I like going to parties, but mostly I enjoy life to the fullest.


A few months ago you released a white label EP on the Soulection label from Los Angeles. What kind of impact did this have? 

Not that much of an impact really, but I’m so glad I got the chance to join the Soulection roster! I’ve been a fan from the beginning and of course I’ve been getting more requests and messages then before. I’ve also been getting higher amounts of plays and gained more following, but I’m still making beats in my bedroom with the same passion and joy as before.

Are you getting ready to do shows? If so, where can we see you plays?

Singularis: I’ve been getting a few bookings in the Netherlands, but also one in Paris and one in Hawaii to name a few places. I currently still love producing as much as I can, but I’m definitely working on improving my DJ skills over the years to come. I love CDJ 2000’s by the way!

Can you name 3 recent tracks you would definitely play at the club if you were playing tonight?

1. Mark Ronson – Feel Right Ft. Mystikal
2. Azealia Banks – Desperado
3. Jeremih – The End Ft. Chance the Rapper

At the moment you are participating in a Dutch producer series at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam. What’s that like and can you try and describe the experience?

It was extremely nice to make music at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam. The environment was super relaxed and inspiring. I brought along a good friend of mine (Sndwvs) and we made two beats in two days. Oh and we also worked on our DJ skills a bit.

Apart from recording at the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam – is there anything else coming up that you’re excited about? Any new projects or collaborations we should be looking out for?

Just expect lots more music! I got a track coming out very soon on Jakarta Records from Germany, which is also a very nice music label. 


In the meantime, let’s all enjoy young Singularis’ latest track called “Ride” featuring Sndwvs. This is the first release spawned from the ‘Werk Space’ project.

More about the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam
Follow Singularis on Soundcloud


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