Scooter Island Guide to NYC

Matt “F.X.” Feldman, known for his work as the music supervisor of Comedy Central’s Broad City and co-founder of the Tribes NY parties, is gearing up to release a self-titled debut album under the alias Scooter Island. (The lead single “Breezy” premiered earlier this month on Flavorwire.)  Scooter Island is a fully collaborative project with over 20 NY-based producers, rappers, and vocalists – including Obey City, TARO, and more. We’re told that the details of each track’s contributors will stay secret ’til the album’s release, but fortunately, you don’t have to wait to get the inside scoop on Scooter Island’s favorite things about New York City.

New York is filled with wonderful spots both known and unknown, and as much as we love us some Halal Guys or a night out at Verboten it seemed like a better idea to get a bit more personal with Scooter Island’s Guide to New York City, with photos by Ida Chelengar (and commentary from various collaborators), plus an exclusive mix for Okayfuture aptly titled Daze of Future / Past.

Scooter Island is very much a reflection of our lives growing up and living in the city, and so is this list.  Stream their exclusive mix for Okayfuture here and enjoy Scooter Island’s Guide to NYC!  Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more album info!

FOOD & DRINK – [curator & resident belly Matt FX weighs in]

Umami Shoppu - Matt FX

Umami Shoppu (513 6th Ave / Japanese Food)
Matt FX: Conveniently located just off 14th and 6th, Umami Shoppu is a dope new spot for all things Japanese. Come for the Chicken Shoyu, stay for the Pork Buns – this place has a really nice and peaceful vibe, and the check won’t break your bank, either!

Roasting Plant (81 Orchard St, 75 Greenwich Ave / Coffee)
Roasting Plant is awesome – completely custom coffee operated by a series of Willy Wonka-esque tubes running along the walls and ceiling. Choose your beans, brew, and strength, and let the robots do the rest. Perfect coffee, every time.

Tacos el Idolo - Matt FX

Tacos El Idolo (14th & 8th, St. Marks & 3rd, West 4th & 6th / Taco Truck)
Best tacos in downtown Manhattan – I order the classics like steak and chorizo, but you can always get ballsy and try their Tripa or Lengua; it’s all tasty, and at 2.50 a taco, very affordable. They’re literally open all day and night – I’ll get something quick if I’m on the go mid-afternoon and then be back 8 hours later at 3AM when I’m good and wasted. Amazing.

STYLE – [vocalists from the project on where to shop]

Cure Thrift Shop - Gigi

Cure Thrift Shop (111 E 12th St / Vintage)
Gigi: Cure Thrift Shop is an ever-changing vintage superstore with two floors of great finds. No guilt necessary when shopping here- all sales benefit research & awareness in juvenile diabetes! Check the top floor for funky curated vintage selections or dig downstairs in what I can only describe as a dream discount bin.

Mishka - S'natra

Mishka (350 Broadway, BK / Streetwear)
S’natra: Ppl know Mishka’s dope, I don’t have to tell em – if you’re into shit with skulls trippin’ on acid and death, you’re in da right spot. Besides, they let me sleep on their couch… sometimes BK turns up and I ain’t going back all the way up to the heights!

Pixie Market - Synead

Pixie Market (100 Stanton St / Women’s Boutique)
Synead: I need a healthy dose of affordable metallic platforms, piña printed dresses, & stunna shades. Trust me, I love me some super fly stunna shades. Plus, let’s be serious- it’s called Pixie Market. how can you not like pixies or markets?”

NIGHTLIFE – [DJ’s choice]

Mckenna’s Pub (250 W 14th St / Irish Pub)
Matt FX: As a clan, we’ve all done so much (cheap) drinking here that we couldn’t even decide who should write about it. The place has a 2-for-1 deal between Midnight and 2:30AM, as well as 1PM-7:30PM, which can be absolutely devastating. The jukebox is pretty much always playing Drake, a half pound burger & fries runs for 6 bucks, and if you’re hungry after the kitchen’s closed, there’s always the Taco truck across the street! BONUS – it’s a perfect pregame spot for Le Bain!

Slake - Hayata

Slake (251 W 30th St / Nightclub)
Hayata: A nightclub off the beaten path (and right by Penn Station), Slake is a new spot brought to you by the owners of Webster Hall. Recent headliners include Todd Edwards, Kill Frenzy, and AC Slater – with good drink prices and free-before-midnight deals this can be a fun spot to check out. Plus, you can see me DJ!

Le Bain Poster

Le Bain at The Standard Hotel (251 W 30th St / Nightclub)
Matt FX: Hands-down best nightlife experience in the city. The most amazing views on the rooftop, an ever-bubbling hot tub for the drunk & daring, and some of the best grooves this side of well, anywhere; we did a party here as Tribes NY with Canblaster & Gina Turner a few weeks back that was one of the best nights of our party lives! ‘Club Yes’ on a Wednesday is a winner, as are their weekend day parties – always free, though entry’s never guaranteed!


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