Josh Wehle Hustle Harder Interview

Hustler Harder artwork by John P. Dessereau


Okayfuture is back with our next installment of Hustle Harder, where we sit down with the movers, shakers, shape shifters, go between-ers, and more who grease the proverbial wheels of the music and entertainment world. Moving right along we have photographer, videographer, curator, zine maker, and drummer, Josh Wehle, who has no days off and can often be found wherever Fool’s Gold crew is setting up shop (aka seemingly everywhere these days).

Name: Josh Wehle
Home Town: Tenafly, NJ
Born date: 10/4/1990
Your hustle: I am responsible for all of the video and photo content that Fool’s Gold Records puts out. I shoot, edit, direct, travel, curate. I’ve directed some music videos and am in the planning stages for a few others that I’m excited about. I run Fool’s Girls, a Fool’s Gold related tumblr that features girls wearing FG merch. I also run a photo/art zine with my girlfriend called DOG, which features photos of our’s and our friends. The zine was on sale all over NYC and has sold out at Opening Ceremony and some other places, and can even be found in Japan. We’re gearing up to start our next issue.

Tell us the story of how you remember first falling in love with photography?

It’s weird. It was never my goal to become a photographer, it just sort of happened. I remember asking for a camera for my 17th birthday- next thing I knew I was emailing as many PR people as I could get a hold of, lying about working for certain magazines to get press passes. From then on, every weekend I was backstage at different shows and at parties that I had no business being at. The rest is sort of history.

That’s pretty awesome. Trace back for us your relationship with music?

Since I was born I’ve been surrounded by music. Both of my parents and all of my siblings play instruments. While other kids were playing in sandboxes in their backyards, I was at my older brother’s punk band practices as a 3 year old, banging on a snare drum on the floor.

We hear you are self taught when it comes to photography, shooting video, editing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being self taught?

Yeah fully self taught. It’s crazy how much you can learn from 9 year old Russian kids on Youtube. I’m sometimes jealous of people who have that strong backbone of basic information that you’d learn from going to school for all of this. But between asking dumb questions and the internet I rarely find myself too lost. I think it also could work in my favor because I’m not held back by certain rules or things you’re not ‘supposed to do’ etc.

Donnis – Absolutely feat. IAMSU & Jay Ant (OFFICIAL VIDEO) dir by Josh Wehle.

What do you want to learn next?

I want to get more into graphic design and video animation, mainly After Effects. I’d also like to get better at guitar and learn how to cook.

You currently have a photo exhibit up at the Fools Gold store. How come you’re so cool?

Yeah it’s pretty wild. The show was featuring 10 big prints from the Fool’s Girls site. It was part of an ongoing gallery series Fool’s Gold throws every other month. A few past artists have been IRAK, Grotesk, HAZE, Daniel Albrigo, Cody Hudson. So to even be considered to be part of that lineup was crazy for me. I really didn’t expect a big turn out, and was siked to even have my stuff up there, but the turn out was great. We also made these limited tees with a print from the show on it, which are still on sale on the FG webstore. I’m probably so cool because of my brothers.

You play drums in band. Tell us about that?

Yeah been playing drums since I was 5 probably. There are tons of videos of my brother and I crushing at various talent shows throughout the 90’s. But yeah- I play in a punkish garage rock band called Honduras. We have a few videos out, play around NYC a lot, have some label interest and are in the process of recording our first full length album.

What do you do on your days off? Do you even have days off?

Rarely have days off, but am usually hanging with the girlfriend or trying to escape the city or both.

Where do you see things going for 2013, and beyond?

2013 has been really cool already. I’m very excited for these upcoming music videos that I’m working on. I just got back from a week in Austin and a week in Miami with Fool’s Gold, excited to travel more, excited for the next DOG issue to drop, excited to get my beach bod prepped for summer, excited to shoot more photos, and video for some personal projects I’ve been putting off, excited to play more shows, excited excited. Things are looking good.

Josh Wehle Hustle Harder Interview

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