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It’s 2014. People are making entire tracks on their phones, let alone in their bedroom studios, which has been happening for at least a decade now. In other words, with today’s access to technology, there is a lot of music out here (too much). That includes an endless number of remixes, reworks, reduxes, edits, refixes, chops, screws, mashes, and more. Amidst all the noise, very few stand out. Enter Yung Falcons, an up-and-coming producer and DJ coming out of the Los Angeles scene and part of the HW&W set.

Like many who have become a fan of Falcons, what first stood out to me were his impeccable remixes. Not that he was doing anything new, to be honest, but just very, very, very well (three very’s). From structure to choice of sounds to that undeniable feel-good vibes prevalent through-out his works, Falcons’ approach was enough to include him in Okayplayer’s top 14 artists to watch for the year.

For me, the journey began with his remix of Ciara “Oh!”, a tune that has received many touches from many beat makers, but none like this. I heard this track out at Panorama Bar in Berlin, and it cast a bright light throughout the room. Similarly Falcons’ “Vroom” (Missy) rework, which recently cracked 100,000 plays on Soundcloud. A lot of gems here, like Falcons on Facebook to download his Complete Remixes Pack.

Read our exclusive interview with the man below and for those in Austin this week, scroll down to the end to get his complete SXSW schedule, including an appearance at our Okayfuture showcase on Thursday March 13th at Hudson on 5th at 830pm.

Oh! (Ciara) (Feat. Mike G)

OKAY: Whats your government name?


OK: If we got this right you are from Texas, Oklahoma, Vancouver and L.A. but you are named after actual Falcons in Oakland, CA (?) how do all those places affect your sound–if at all?

FALCONS: Southern rap is a huge part of my sound… the bounce, LA is just a hotbed for new electronic stuff, so i would say its a combo of the 2.

OKAY: L.A. is kind of a city of a million distinct villages or zones… can you describe your zone? Do you have a studio/club residency or home base where you play on the regular? Consistent collaborators or playmates?

FALCONS: No residency in LA right now, but I did just form a new crew with my home team (DJ Hoodboi, PromNite, Colta, and Kittens) that we’re gonna announce soon when we get the first drop ready..

They’re my main source of inspiration with music and stuff, we bounce ideas off each other and trade etc…

We have access to some of the Mad Decent studios… and thats been great for our scene, they’re really supporting us and buying us lots of beer and pizza to stay fueled up.

OKAY: Speaking of that, what is the best late night food in L.A.?

FALCONS: El Flamin Taco Truck in Echo Park (my hood!). Get the Al Pastor tacos or the Tripas Taco (extra crispy). Or if you’re hella hungry get the Al Pastor fries… next level.

>>> FALCONS Mix for SSENSE Is Worth Obsessing Over <<<

OKAY: Looking over Okayplayer’s Top 14 artists to watch (and new music in general) Falcons, Kelela, Moses Sumney, King avriel, TDE… what’s in the water out there right now? Who should we be checking for next?

FALCONS: DJ Hoodboi, PromNite, Kittens, EmojiKing, IceBoi, Arnold, Rook Milo are a few…

OKAY: We’re also told you have a background as a dancer—true or false? What was/is your style? How does it influence the beats you make and do you consider yourself a dance producer in some sense, even when you’re fucking with more soulful or downtempo sounds?

FALCONS: I was a breakdancer for 13 years… I also dabbled in House Dancing and various other styles… It taught me just about the flow of music and how rhythm transitions and pans out…

My style always has a groove and a bounce, it’s more important to me than anything in the track. Also lots of little details and sounds that would be fun to dance to.

OKAY: What’s your technical process like—are you all digital/software based?

FALCONS: Ableton Live… thats it. Shouts to the Germans for holding us down.

OKAY: You just dropped a MIA remix—what tracks are you feeling at the moment or working on a remix for next? Are their certain things you look for in a track to remix?

FALCONS: That was supposed to be official, i was asked by Interscope alongside a few of my peers, but MIA turned em all down… so shouts to her.

If I pick the remix then it has to be something i really like a lot… something that meant something to me at some point.

I like really unique stuff, everyone on Soundcloud is remixing the same 20 acapellas in the same way… it’s boring as fuck.

OKAY: Do you approach remixes differently from original compositions? Does the music you select for a DJ set differ from the tracks you make?

FALCONS: I have lots of originals in the works, but it’s much harder to complete them and get that solid sense of completion with an instrumental track. The project I’m working on now is going to be 100% original, as in getting vocalists on tracks and even utilizing my own vocals… it’s a challenge and its gonna be a big step for me I think.

My DJ sets are pretty much just live remixes of my own songs and all my homies music… always danceable but not always super hard or aggressive… I try to find balance.

OKAY: How did you link with Diplo/Mad Decent and can we expect you’ll be releasing more projects via the Diplo machine?

FALCONS: Mad Decent is based in LA and they are really showing love to our young producer brat scene out there… they’ve been watching us for a long time but felt it was finally the time to give us that cool lil push I guess.

Shouts to Paul Devro and Juba at MD

OKAY: Whats next in general for yung falcs? Is the future Okay?

FALCONS: That hot shit. The future looks pretty chill bro… pretty chill.

Falcons “Vroom”

falcons sxsw 2014



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