#MixtapeMondays: FAKE UZUMI's "SpaceWAV '33"

Virginia-based FAKE UZUMI blesses these Mixtape Mondays with the futuristic vibes of his new SpaceWAV ’33 mix, made special for Okayfuture and just shy of a half-hour’s worth of his own melodic and forward-thinking UZUMI EDITS.

Listen to FAKE UZUMI’s mix here (also, a free download) and read about it in the Q&A with him below.  A full tracklist comes after that.  Enjoy!

Tell us about the mix you created.
SpaceWAV ’33 is a mix with remixes I’ve made called “UZUMI EDITS.” This a mix of a few of the most popular edits & a few unreleased ones.

What’s the meaning behind the title SpaceWAV ’33
Well the year is set in the future, 3033. SpaceWAV is the genre; WAV is spelled particular for a reason & it represents the area I’m from.

Are there UZUMI originals in the works for 2015?
YES YES. The edits were supposed to catch your ear & after that, I would premiere my artist.

What are your favorite sounds to work with right now?
honestly, anything melodic & bouncy. To give a visual

Dream collaboration?
KiD CuDi

Kid Cudi

Describe your perfect day.
in my dreams, teaching Va$thie how to perfect the inside heeltoe.


Fill in the blank.  FAKE UZUMI is… SLEEP.

Artists to watch right now.

Sunny & Gabe
Mike Strong

Is the future okay?
Depends if Trunks comes back.

FAKE UZUMI’s SpaceWAV ’33 Tracklist

1. Iggy Azalea – Fancy [UZUMI EDIT]
2. KARI FAUX – No Small Talk feat. Childish Gambino [UZUMI EDIT]
3. Kanye West – Black Skinhead [UZUMI EDIT]
4. Gypsy Woman [UZUMI EDIT]
5. New Navy – Rosaline [UZUMI EDIT]
6. Kanye West – Flashing Lights [UZUMI EDIT]
7. Father – Look At Wrist [UZUMI EDIT]
8. KiD CuDi – Troubled Boy [UZUMI EDIT]