Sango Interview

We’re big fans of Soulection artist Sango over here in Okayfutureland so, of course, I jumped at the opportunity for a lovely chat with ’em over Skype.  As you can see, the Seattle native is a diehard Seahawks fan, and likes to throw up the West coast in a screenshot every chance he gets.  Interviewing Sango was like pillow talk with a new boo.  We covered everything from who his favorite James Bond is and how Dr. Dre maybe stole his mom’s beats for Tupac’s “Changes”, to how he became obsessed with baile funk and learned some Portuguese in the process.  Sadly, the audio did not survive our adventure, but here are some highlights from our exclusive interview with that boy Sango.  Enjoy!

His last visit to New York,

Last time I was in New York was in September.  I was in Brooklyn.  I opened up for The Underachievers.  They’re tight live, I love them.  Those guys, and the Flatbush Zombies.

Bad interview questions,

Casual interviews where you just talk are the best.  I’ve had some interviews that were real structured like, “yea I got like 5-10 minutes so we’re gonna get through these questions.”  I’ve had interviews where people don’t show their face and I don’t get it.  (Then we took those screenshots).

It’s not the worst, but the most over-done interview question is “Where’d you get your name from?” By far the worst question I get in general though is “Are you Brazilian?”  ‘Cause I do all that stuff, people automatically think I’m Brazilian.  (Then, despite my disbelief, Sango taught me that there are Chinese people in Jamaica, and that he thinks I look Chinese.)

His mom, the army switchblade producer,

I think I take after her.  My dad wants to be musical, but my mom is more into that.  She plays piano, trumpet in high school, the drums a lil’ bit.  She used to produce in the 80’s and 90’s.  She bought a Casio.  She has tapes of me and my brother.  I was a baby, crying, and my brother was rapping.  It’s like four tracks and all originally produced.  She sampled a lot though.  She was so mad because I think it was “Dear Momma” or “Changes,” but she took the sample that Tupac used before he used it.  She gave her tape to Dr. Dre. (Dre stole your mom’s beats!?).  I highly doubt it.  She was in the Navy and living in San Diego, and they had a show and she had demo tapes on her.

My mom’s on North.  She’s on “Until Saturday” with Ta-ku.  She played keys on the track …  she has a song with Ta-ku and me.  My mom’s an army switchblade.  (That should be her producer name).  Yea, Army Switch Tracey.

Brazil, baile funk and speaking Portuguese,

I was playing Call of Duty with my friend.  This was like 2010 or 2009?  There’s a level called Favela, and you’re in Brazil.  I was like “this is crazy, what is this place?”  So, I looked it up.  And then I watched Hulk, and the Hulk was in the favela.  I did some research then because when I become intrigued with something I do heavy research, and I learned about baile funk.  I listened to baile funk Pandora stations for a lil bit.  Then I met a friend online from Brazil, and he was supplying me with really rare samples.  You can’t find this stuff on American internets.  You have to search in Portuguese, and search Brazilian forums and blogs.  It’s deep in the game.

I learned some Portuguese from my Brazilian friend, and from being a big sponge.  When I’m into something I’m totally into it.  I’m like Brazil, Brazil, Brazil.  I know about 100-200 words.  Maybe.  I’ve never been to Brazil, but I’m working on it.  (Then we almost looked up flights on Kayak).

Sango Interview Favela

Movies and Oscar Predictions,

Last movie I saw was Anchorman 2 and it was terrible.  Before that I saw The Hobbit and I fell asleep.  (The first Hobbit!).  My friend was so angry with me ’cause I’d never seen any of the Terminators ever.  He forced me to watch them.  I love all Bruce Lee movies, all James Bond movies (Roger Moore is his favorite JB).  Indiana Jones is my favorite series.  And Pink Panther.  And Slumdog Millionaire.

Graphic design and his cover art,

Every single thing that I’ve put out, I’ve designed the cover art for it.  Like 99.9%.  I like the North cover because it’s my first one, printed for vinyl, and the process was to new to me.  It’s about two people finding each other, going on a journey and they’re going toward a better place.  It’s a love story.  The photo is two pictures from two different years.  The top half, I was headed to a Snoop Dogg show in my friend’s Jeep.  I had my camera with me and I had to take pictures for my class.  We had to take pictures of our weekend.  I just took a picture of the steering wheel from the back seat.  It’s really vague, all you can see is streetlights and his dirty windshield.  The bottom half, the majority of the picture, is a photo of me and my girl sitting in the room she grew up in.  It’s my mom’s lamp.  We put it on the floor and it had this really sweet, red glow.  And we had our boots.  The boots represent going on a journey.  This album is very much inspired by my relationship.



If I’m going to tell a story as an artist, most of the time it’s going to come from a relationship or family standpoint, or self-reflection growing up as a young man standpoint.  Which is rare, I don’t really talk or make music about that.  I have four types of production 1) really heartfelt, from my soul, stories from my personal experiences, 2) experimentation like Da Rocinha, 3) for rappers and singers, and 4) remixes and edits.

The text on the North cover is Hebrew and it means “glory.”  I like to label my music.  I don’t like giving it genres that are out.  Like beats or future bass or whatever.  I’ll call it spiritual bass music.  It’s meant to bring you toward something.  Hopefully, when you listen to it you get a warm feeling, a cleansing feeling, a fresh feeling.  Nothing bad.  Nothing like yea let’s smoke some weed and get high, or let’s turn up, let’s twerk – nothing like that.  My album is really straightforward and warm.  Everything I do is for the glory of God, but I don’t like saying that because I don’t want to scare people.  Only if you ask me or are really interested in knowing why I make music.

Last words/sign-off,

Go Seahawks!


  • Tania Ramos

    I I really enjoyed reading this interview. Sango is one of my favorite producers. I can listen to his music, reflect, relate, and appreciate. He is very humble, down to earth, and through his expression of music I can ponder deeper into my own thoughts. His music is a reflection if his mother, his relationship, his soul. Props man.

  • SunshineMena

    This is how I fall in love with artists. Loved this interview.

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