Eli Escobar's Exclusive Summer Playlist + Up All Night LP out June 2 via Night People NYC

On June 2, NYC music and nightlife veteran Eli Escobar‘s debut album Up All Night will, at last, become available digitally.  Releasing on the Night People NYC imprint, Up All Night — remastered and now with three bonus tracks — is the quintessential house music album with the funky, soulful disco complements that the world-class DJ and producer has come to be known for.

For far too long, the album could only be heard on its limited, hand-stamped 2LP vinyl, which was sold exclusively via Turntable Lab and has since sold out completely.  Today, however, not only have our prayers been answered by the dance music gods, but Eli’s also blessed us with an exclusive, specially-curated summer-ready playlist of his own, which you can stream below.

Eli’s summer playlist takes us on an tour of what gets him, and his crowds, hot and movin’, plus a few of the tracks you might hear in his rooftop party arsenal, including an exclusive premiere of the digital album version of his song “Seein’ You.”  Stream the playlist here and read Eli’s commentary on his selections as you listen (and dance) along. Eli Escobar’s Up All Night album is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Eli Escobar’s Summer Playlist — Okayfuture Exclusive

1) Two Tons Of Fun – I Got The Feeling (Butch Le Butch Edit)

Butch Le Butch is from Melbourne and has so many amazing edits on his Soundcloud. This one never leaves my DJ sets! Two Tons of Fun were Sylvester’s backing singers and they made some of the most happy, feel-good songs ever. This one and “Just Us” are two of my all time favorite classics.

Butch utilizes the famous breakdown from the middle of the song, but he also brings in the verses and let’s the song breathe which is why it’s my favorite edit of this song. Perfect summer music!

2) MF Hercules “Raindance”

This track is so fun! It has a breezy rhodes loop that sounds so right for a lazy summer day or a rooftop party. Classic Music Company is one of those labels that demands your attention with each release because you never know what you’re gonna get. This one was a really pleasant surprise!

3) Flora Cruz – Let The Sunshine Out (Jerome Sydenham’s Vocal Dub)

Sometimes all you need is a dope old school piano sample and a dreamy dubbed out vocal. Been playing this one for years and still sets the party off!

4) Doc Daneeka ft. Seven Davis JR – I Promise (Kon Rework)

Oh man this one is crazy! I wish there more artists like Seven Davis out there but I’ll take what I can get. My man Kon give it a good groove and now it’s dancefloor ready.

5) Eli Escobar – Seein’ You

This is probably the most summer-ready jam on my album. Just a happy song to make you think of that special someone!

6) Karizma – Nuffin Else (Nellie’s Annointed Dub)

Now for a little summertime sadness. This is a really odd track but I find it so addictive. The piano is a little behind the beat and the vocals are yearning for something, but you can’t really tell what exactly. Karizma is one of my favorite DJs and producers in the world and definitely has his own sound. The music definitely speaks for itself.

7) DJ Vas – Wizard Funk

I always love a good gospel tinged dance song. Another staple of my sets for the past few months and I’m already looking forward to playing it on the Output rooftop! Banger.

8) Andy Butler – You Can Shine

Oooh I would sell my soul to have made this song! The vocal is perfect and when you play this at the right time for the right crowd, it’s house music heaven to the highest degree!

9) Phyllis Nelson – I Like You (DJ Duke Edit)

The legendary DJ Duke with a LEGENDARY edit! I only wish it was available somewhere. But for now I’ll blast it off my computer while I do the dishes!

10) David Morales vs. Sade – Shelter Me

And finally, what’s summer without a little Sade right? Awesome take on “I Never Thought I’d See The Day” by the one and only David Morales. You can’t go wrong.


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