New Remixes From Digging In The Clouds

Happy D.I.T.C. Tuesdays!  We’re back with another edition of Okayfuture’s weekly Digging In The Clouds, bringing you bright, new cumulus tracks to add a little extra sunshine on this Summer day. We’ll rattle off all the important deets about these new remixes, and then it’s your duty to click on down the rabbit hole.

First up is Atlantic Connection.  We originally found him when we were digging up tunes for The Weeknd remix round-ups.  His version of “The Morning” is quite a subtle, tasty treat.  We continued on with our shovel and found that he’s a fan of remixing lots of soul crooners, like Tweet on his “Daydreaming with Tweet” track off the Banjee Girl EP.  This LA native is definitely worth a look-see.

We’ve got an exclusive from Wonderwheel Records’ remix LP of NovaLima‘s latest album on June 24.  This Peruvian group’s latest LP encapsulates lyrics from transcribed ritual chants by one of the band member’s grandmothers, who was the first to pen the lyrics to paper.  Moombahton king, DJ Sabo swoops in for an electronic treatment on “Diablo”, making a very heavy track, very danceable.

The slow-clap of the day award goes to Berlin’s Sy.ic for classifying his refix of Flako’s “Broken Toy – Goldtrain Remix” as Whateverstep. We love clever, genre-defying snark.

Last but not least, El. Train from Britain has given himself the lofty goal of releasing an EP per month.  We have to remark that it’s all been really good stuff.  We can’t figure out why none of y’all have found him yet.  So, we’re helping you out.  Catch his tune “Something I Said” off April’s release Origins.  You have a lot of other calendar months to catch up on.  Go!

1. Atlantic Connection – Daydreaming with Tweet

2. Novalima – Diablo (Sabo’s Moombahton Remix)

3. Flako – Broken Toy (Sy.ic on the Goldtrain remix)

4. El. Train – Something I Said (off the Origins EP)


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