#MixtapeMondays: Bleep Bloop's Okayfuture Mix 008, Interview + Low End Theory on 1/14!

Some say he’s from San Francisco, but he’s really from outerspace.  Bleep Bloop (a/k/a Aaron Triggs) whose music caught the ear of DJ Shadow, then very quickly became the first signee to the former’s new Liquid Amber label and dropped his 10 Watt Lazers EP last month, sends us sounds from the interstellar for this Mixtape Mondays afternoon with his contribution to Okayfuture’s exclusive mix series, #008.

This highly creative, heavy bass and grime concoction features some unreleased originals and collabs of Bleep Bloop’s own alongside tracks from Eprom, Mr. Oizo, the late, great DJ Rashad, Terror Danjah, Flying Lotus, the late, great Mac Dre and more.  A personal favorite on this mix is the “slowed and lowed” version of UGK‘s “The Game Belongs To Me.”

While you nod your head to this mix, you can get to know more about Bleep Bloop from our interview with him below, and be sure to catch him at his first appearance at this week’s Low End Theory in L.A. on Wednesday, January 14 with fellow artists P.O.S., Okayfuture’s own math-nerd guest writer Mike Gao and BLKNZ plus residents Daddy Kev, Nobody, the Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles and Nocando.

Stream and download Bleep Bloop’s exclusive mix for us here.

1. Tell us about the mix you’ve created for us.

well i’ve created a mix that is full of music I love and wanted to share but generally don’t get a chance to share in the club. It has some unreleased stuff from me and some of my frequent collaborators g jones, and doshy mixed in with a lot of grime and hip hop vocalists that I love. Lots of off kilter beats in this one from the last few years. I think that all the music even if it is years old really holds up over time and still sounds really fresh.

2. How excited are you to be playing Low End Theory this week and what have you done, if anything, to prepare?

yeah I am very excited. Been waiting to play that party for a long time so its a big moment. I have been going thru and making edits of my own tunes in preparation, because I plan to play 20 or so original tracks in 30 minutes. so my preparation is basically condensing stuff.

3. If you had to pick just one or two of your tracks to represent who you are, which would they be and why?

Well I’d say that two of my most recent tracks, “Denial“, and my Clipse remix represent me best. I say that because they are great examples of the two biggest categories of bass I make, which is 808 bass, and grimy bass. I am always trying to level up producer wise so soon I’ll have new tunes that represent me better

4. What are your favorite sounds to work with right now?

Like I mentioned my favorite styles to work with right now are grime and 808 music. not that those are necessarily different. I love to use analog synths so those probably are my most favorite sounds to work with across any style of music.

5. What was your reaction when you heard DJ Shadow playing one of your tracks for the first time.

Absolute shock and awe. I didn’t even really realize what was happening at first but then it set in. I was shy about it but my friend convinced me to go chat up Shadow and it’s been great since then.

6. Any dream collaborations?

Well DJ Shadow was certainly a dream collaboration. Some other folks I’d love to collaborate with would Mr Oizo, Flowdan, The Bug, Big Lurch, Deeco, Mac Dre…. RIP Mac Dre

7. Describe your perfect day.

perfect day would be I actually manage to sleep in past 9, then I wake up to find my girlfriend in my bed. do our thing and smoke weed about it, and then make music until lunch time. We’d eat out for a super dank lunch and dinner. she’d do her thing while I made music and we’d hang out during breaks. then we go to bed together.

8. Top 5 artists to watch this year.

1. G Jones
2. Doshy
3. Yheti
4. The OriGinALz
5. ConRank

9. What can we expect from you in 2015.

Lots of shows and new music/collaborations all over the map!

10. Fill in the blank: 

Bleep Bloop loves space!

Bleep Bloop’s Okayfuture Mix 008 Tracklist:

Bleep Bloop – A Rough Landing
G Jones & Bleep Bloop – Untitled
Eprom – Samurai
NastyNasty – Sweaty Bodies
UGK – The Game Belongs to Me (Slowed and Lowed by Bleep Bloop)
Bleep Bloop – Midichlorian
Flying Lotus – Ready Err Not (Slowed and Lowed by Bleep Bloop)
Logos – Seawolf
Kaiju – Hunter ft Flowdan
Mumdance – Take Time ft Novelist
Doshy & Bleep Bloop – WTF
Mystic Cat – ???? X Crime Mob – Nuck if You Buck
Lady Leshurr – SHURRAQ
Terror Danjah – Green Street
Royal T – Music Please (Devil’s Mix)
Mac Dre – California Bear
Dubee – I Spit that Mob
Big Lurch – I Can Do This
Mr. Oizo – Bad Start
DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give A Fuck
Bleep Bloop – War Dub
6BLOCC – War in the Jungle


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