The name Okayfuture was conceived by Joey Rubin and Nick Hook one Monday night at Sake Bar Satsko in January of 2011. This was during Nick’s infamous run as the Monday night bartender at this East Village gem.

  • Lily Vanilli
  • April Lanier
  • Kelley Frank
  • Dantana Petruzzi
  • Stephen “DJ Still Life” Bolles
  • Albert Shelton
  • Jason-Scott Henderson
  • Honest Ape
  • Ankia Peou
  • Nikko Dessereau
  • Infinite Vanessa
  • Katie Longmyer
  • AJ Finizio
  • Femi “Shamz” Obasaju
  • Karas Lamb
  • Eddie “Stats” Houghton
  • Anthony Obst
  • Erica “Ericalandia” Olsen
  • Joel “All City Sound” Davis
  • David “Lil’ Dave” Adams
  • Lil Tiger
  • Lori Trigonis
  • Tara Duvivier
  • Zach Tavel
Photography / Videography
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okayfuture Flight Control


Flight Dynamics Officer


Dantana was born in New Britain, CT on April 8, 1975. A certified East Coast representer, Dan has lived as far north as Burlington, VT, and as far south as Asheville, NC. Dan started working with Okayplayer in March of 2000 after answering a classified ad in the Philadelphia City Paper.

Lily Vanilli

Spaceflight Commander


A lifetime musicophile, defender of the universe and our fearless editor-in-chief, Lily Vanilli’s love affair with the spectrum of electronic music is astronomical and ever-expanding. Her Moon is in Cancer.

Nicole Patrice DeMember

Propulsion Engineer

Nicole Patrice DeMember

Nicole Patrice DeMember is an internationally known entrepreneur, investor and advisor that works with high profile startups and NGOs. Born in Detroit, Nicole has always had a passion for music, and has played a pivotal role in the electronic dance (EDM) and hip-hop industries. In 2000 she founded an influential recording studio called Effigy Studios—that eventually sold to Eminem—and GrooveTickets, one of the first online ticketing companies. She has since gone on to become one of the most prominent voices in the worldwide tech and startup community, working with companies such as Founder’s Fund, advising for startups like CulturePath and LauchRock, and co-founding Toi, a global creative agency and incubator that focuses almost exclusively on startups and their needs. She likes 5am runs, good food, and conversation with intelligent humans. Nicole lives in San Francisco, CA, when she’s not somewhere else (which isn’t often).

April Lanier

Flight Pattern Controller


April Lanier grew up eating cereal to Konflict and Aaliyah, now she pours mezcal to Shlohmo and A$AP Rocky. She has a passion for traveling deep into remote musical territories and the minds of their dwellers. A sonic explorer, Muswhin can be found traversing between the highest clouds and the most haunted dungeons in the mutating landscape of electronic beats.


Illumination Engineer

Samira Bin Sharifu

Samira is cultural creative on a mission to bring back quality music into mainstream society, be it through DJing, writing, film making, event programming or social/digital media and content marketing. With a work history that includes MTV, MySpace, AOL Music, Universal, 7Digital, Buma Cultuur and 22tracks, Samira has covered almost every corner of the music industry spectrum. We are proud to have Samira as Okayfuture’s ambassador to the London scene.

Infinite Vanessa

Ground Controller


Head in the clouds, feet firmly planted on the ground, Vanessa Wruble is a Red Magnetic Dragon. Unifying in order to nurture, she seals the input of birth. Guided by her own power doubled, Vanessa is a galactic activation portal of endless possibility. Enter infinity.

DJ Still Life



Brooklyn-via-Bay Area man about town Stephen Bolles has been producing and playing records under the name DJ Still Life for over a decade. Ever since having his wig split by DJ Shadow in mid 90’s, the intersection of hip-hop, beat culture, and electronic music has kept him looking for the perfect beat. His latest finds from can be heard weekly on East Village Radio.

dj eko, djeko, soultronica



The progeny of Shiela E x Stewart Copeland, Erica’s genetics predispose her to appraising linear syncopation. Her laser-fine focus on the aural world was honed during summers with Totoro listening to the percussion of raindrops-on-leaves in the Northern California woods. Friendly with megarhythms and found giggling with cacti, we often glimpse Eko and her favorite bedazzled net catching interstellar frequencies. During special celestial conjunctions she can be seen wielding machetes as propellers and flying through the skies in your Soultronica dreams.

Kelley Frank

Flight Activities Officer

Kelley Frank, The RAVEnator

Miss Frank currently resides on Chaka Kahn’s spaceship. She spends her evenings traveling on a bass odyssey and has been sent to deliver you only the best from the front lines of America’s second wave rave scene. Never in neon, always hard to find.


Booster Engineer

Katie Longmyer

An avid collector of Good Peoples, Katie “Kater” Longmyer is the OG Queen Bee. This downtown sweetheart does it all from marketing to branding, to producing and promoting some of NYC’s hottest electronic music parties. That list includes the annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (BEMF) which Katie puts on with her long time partner Jenn Lyon, Built by MeanRed.

Store Manager / Idea Man

Nate Parsons

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Front End Design

Jenn Kaye

Website ››

Web Production

Cando Ent.

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